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Stories where a guy is turned into a total slut
Straight alpha-male Brad is happy with his life, or thinks he is, until a mysterious stranger claims to be a warlock, and offers him an outrageous amount of money to swap bodies for a week. Brad will learn some things go with the brain, but most stay with the body. How much will Brad's mind have to change to adapt to his new body?
Oliver, a big-name lawyer with two sons and the perfect suburban life, comes down with a case of the himbovirus. Luckily, his firm offers great medical care... in the form of a big-dicked, 18-year-old ‘specialist’ with a knack for putting newly-minted himbos like Oliver under his control.
Samuel is a handsome veterinarian who’s head over heels in love. When he asks his girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage, his would-be father-in-law agrees on one condition: he’s going to have to wrestle him for it.
When a dudebro radio DJ goes too far, station management forces him to share his airtime with an expert, who guides the DJ through a very special episode.
Jack buys a new jockstrap that promises to make his butt look amazing. It delivers on that promise, but Himbo Brand clothing has more changes in store for Jack.