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Dear user!

Thank you for using Gay Cupid Stories! I really hope you have a great time with the site and enjoy reading all the stories. Without our authors and readers, this site wouldn't exist. It's the community that makes it what it is!

Maintaining Gay Cupid Stories is a hobby for me: it brings me great joy and satisfaction, and in many ways that's reason enough to spend all this time and effort.

However, the hosting expenses are significant. The number of people who regularly visit the site has risen massively in recent years (currently we have around 180,000 visits per month), and to keep the site going, I'm required to pay several hundred dollars per month to our hosting provider, AWS. I also cover the occasional, less-predictable expenses that come with maintaining the site. Part of this was covered through the generosity of some of our readers and authors, who contributed to funding this site through Patreon.

Recently, Patreon threw us off their platform (because hypnosis fantasies, in their view, are 'non-consensual' and violate their regulations), and because of that, I was forced to move this funding model to Sponsus. Sponsus is still new to the market, but they are far more open-minded about the content they help fund.

Sponsus ensures anonymity. If you help fund Gay Cupid Stories through Sponsus, your personal details (such as name, or e-mail, or credit card information) remain classified. I'll only get to see your Sponsus username, and your chosen sponsoring tier.

Gay Cupid Stories will always remain free of charge. I don't want to add advertisements to the site (as they are a nuisance, and a privacy disaster), so want to keep funding the site through crowdsourcing. To show my appreciation, I've added some exclusive features for those who are willing to help me to fund the site. The three tiers and their exclusive features are listed below.

Thank you in advance!

Sponsoring Tiers and Exclusive Features

$1 - Supporter
Further exclusive features:
  • shown next to your name on GSS
  • The images quota is increased to 50 MB (from 10 MB)
$3 - Special Features
Further exclusive features:
  • shown next to your name on GSS
  • The images quota is increased to 200 MB (from 10 MB)
  • Option to subscribe to authors and series
  • Option to be listed as an author offering commissions
$10 - Sponsored Stories
Further exclusive feature:
  • Option to promote your commercial writing by posting Sponsored Stories on GSS
  • The images quota is increased to 500 MB (from 2 MB)