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Stories containing muscle growth, fattening, or usually both. Emphasis on the bears.
Straight to gay bottom
Anything related to the following: Rubber/latex, drones, muscle, hypnosis, & thongs/speedos/jockstraps.
Stories about guys who turn into slobs or stoners or, if we’re lucky, both
racial transformation stories. warning: sometimes "raceplay" contents.
Stories about reducing a man's most prized possession.
Guys who lose eberything for growth, muscle and fitting in at the gym. Being huge requires sacrifice. These boys learn to submit!
A list of stories featuring, among other things, foot-to-mouth action.
List of stories and series involving big round asses and dumb horny jocks
Shorts, novellas and series that prove you can make compelling pornography without sacrificing prose or plot!
When the spider gets caught in his own web
Stories with a real element of control and humiliation.
The hottest stories featuring reality warping (wishes granted, genies, Chronivac, masterpc, or similar). Usually with muscle and cock growth, and characters oblivious to the changes.
Stories where there is a focus on men being dressed in slutty and revealing outfits, and learning to enjoy showing off their bodies.
Some normal guys start to change into horny versions of themselfs, maybe because of underwear or the underwear is part of the change (and will help them accept their new gay horny self)
Stories where characters get served their breakfast, lunch or dinner with a special dose of fresh nut milk mixed in.
College males change for the worse.
You know what I find really hit but is very uncommon? People get an hypnotized slave without even planning it!
Includes further entries to my previous "Bottom Daddy" list. There are just so many great stories involving daddies or authority figures as bottoms!
My mind melt away, my own identity is dead. Including strange, extreme transformations i loved.
Stories where the MC is getting revenge on his tormentors
Sexy mind incest fuck
Serve your country. No questions asked.
Stories about guys getting the urge to bark and be good boys
Hypno mind controles hunks
Muscle growth, himbofication, jockification, dumbing down
It's too good, at least. It's corrupted by sins of the flesh. So it's pretty fresh.