Jul 24, 2022 by Philip K
### Story challenge results are up! The final standings for the "TOXIC" MASCULINITY challenge [have been revealed](/storyCampaign/show/10000006) — along with the identities of all the authors who participated! 🥇 [S. Q. Neemie’s](/user/show/767920) stellar story “[The Ballerbug Outbreak](/story/show/10004352)” scored the highest marks, a big congratulations to S. Q. Neemie! A story like this should wear a warning / It's dangerous, I'm falling... 🥈 Coming close in second place is the excellent "[DILF Dungeon](/story/show/10004305)", by first-time author [retread](/user/listStories/10025710). An impressive debut indeed, retread! With a taste of your prose, I'm on a ride... 🥉 And please give a round of applause for the three outstanding runners-up: "[Curse of the Werebull](/story/show/10004413)" by [Soren Fitz](/user/show/10011670); "[Toxique](/story/show/10004214)" by [Twan Andersen](/user/show/10018149); and "[Sharing is Caring](/story/show/10004412)" by [Mr. Sandman](/user/show/160582). The sheer range of stories here is fantastic. In the words of renown philosopher Plato, "I love what you do! Don't you know that you're toxic?" Thank you, truly, to all the authors who participated — it was a pleasure to see the stories inspired by the prompt. And every story earned its own fans & enthusiastic comments. This challenge would not have been the same without you. Thank you all for making this challenge as much fun as it was! > ***Martin:*** *Please also all :clap: and :heartpulse: for the amazing Philip K. who just perfectly organized his very first story contest on our sites!!!!* > > :kissing_heart:
Jul 15, 2022 by Philip K
#### Read and rate the contest entries until July 24th We've got about a week before winners (and authors) are revealed for the "TOXIC" MASCULINITY story challenge — so you still have time to [read the stories and rate them](/storyCampaign/show/10000006), and influence the final tally! There are lots of great stories in this round, and _your_ vote could be the one that makes the difference. Final standings will be calculated on the evening of July 24th (midnight on July 25th UTC). Only ratings and Favorites made before then will be taken into account for the final scores.
Jul 4, 2022 by Philip K
#### Story Challenge ending this weekend 😲 Just your friendly reminder that the "TOXIC" MASCULINITY story contest will wrap up soon! The **deadline to submit** is on **the evening of Sunday, July 10th** (midnight UTC on 7/11, click [here]( to see the exact time in your region). If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ping me on the Discord server — and good luck! Be sure to check out the stories [already entered into the contest]( and give them a read. Remember, every rating and "Favorite" will count toward their final tally!
Jun 21, 2022 by Philip K
#### ❗Story Challenge deadline ++extended++ by two weeks After conversations with a number of authors, I've made the decision to extend the deadline for the "TOXIC" MASCULINITY story challenge by two weeks. **The new deadline to submit your story is the evening of** **++Sunday, July 11.++** (You can check the exact time in your time zone [here](/storyCampaign/show/10000006).) For people still working on their entries, this gives you _two_ extra weekends in which to get them done! The full details of the story challenge can be found [here](/storyCampaign/show/10000006). As before, final results and author names will be revealed two weeks after the submission deadline — in this case, on the evening of July 24. A fuller conversation around my decision to extend the deadline can be found in the #writing-workshop channel on the site's Discord server.
Jun 20, 2022 by Philip K
#### Story Challenge ending this weekend 😲 Just your friendly reminder that the "TOXIC" MASCULINITY story contest will wrap up soon! The **deadline to submit** is on **the evening of Sunday, July 10th** (midnight UTC on 7/11, click [here]( to see the exact time in your region). If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ping me on the Discord server — and good luck! Be sure to check out the stories [already entered into the contest]( and give them a read. Remember, every rating and "Favorite" will count toward their final tally!
Jun 9, 2022 by Philip K
#### Story Challenge ending in two and a half weeks Hey everyone! Just sharing the standard reminder that the story challenge "TOXIC" MASCULINITY wraps up in a couple of weekends. The deadline to submit your story is Sunday June 26! All details on submitting a story to the challenge can be found here: Make sure to check out the stories already in the challenge and give them some love!
May 28, 2022 by Martin
Hey all, this is time_to_occur! Along with 9 other authors, I created the [PLOTHOLE: Loregasm Edition Bundle](, featuring 17 stories by 10 authors for just $10! The proceeds are split between paying authors and supporting their chosen charities, the Trevor Project and the You Can Play project. We would love your support. I have been interviewing all the authors of the bundle. I’ve finished five of ten interviews so far and wanted a place to share them with you – most are people you already know and love. In order of appearance, we have interviews with: [Soren Fitz]( [Evan Jackson]( [10tacles]( [Nutiper]( [Dace McGraw]( [Davis G. See]( []( [Noam de Pluma]( I hope you enjoy these author interviews! There’s more to come. Please support the bundle if you can! *Note from Martin: [Click here ]( see the discussion about this in the forum!*
May 13, 2022 by Philip K
### New Story Challenge: "TOXIC" MASCULINITY The newest story challenge has opened for submissions! We can't wait to read what stories you come up with for the theme. What's *your* "TOXIC" MASCULINITY story? The deadline to submit is roughly six weeks from now, on Sunday June 26th. Final results will be announced two weeks after challenge submissions conclude, on Sunday July 10. Be sure to click and check out the challenge rules, too, for more details about how it all works! If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out via the Discord server. You can find me in the #writing-workshop channel if needed. Let the challenge begin!
May 4, 2022 by Philip K
### Vote on the new theme for the upcoming story challenge Come visit the site’s Discord server to vote on the theme for the upcoming story challenge! The five themes up for a vote are: - LIFE ON T.V. - “TOXIC” MASCULINITY - UNIFORM - MYTHOLOGICAL - NEW APP The poll is in #the-voting-channel on the site's Discord server. It's linked [here]( Additional details and descriptions can be found in [this post]( within the #writing-workshop channel of the server. You can ask questions in that channel, too! Voting will last until approximately Sunday, May 8. Which theme do you want to see win? Let us know by voting… See you there!
Apr 30, 2022 by Martin
### Rules for [GayCollarStories ]( We've clarified the rules for [GayCollarStories ](, especially the part about non-consensual scenarios. You can see the updated rules on the [New Story Submission page]( There is now a new category for non-consensual stories. All stores containing any non-con scenario have to be placed into that category. We still insist that non-con scenarios have to be _**purely fictional in tone**_! That means that you cannot use any real drugs (GHB, Chloroform etc.) or describe a rape scene as it could really happen. It has to be absolutely clear that this is a completely unrealistic fantasy, not something anyone could actually make happen realistically. We've decided to allow already approved stories to remain on the site, even though some of them clearly violate that rule (which has been in effect all along!). In the future we will be more strict though. We encourage the authors of already published stories to edit them to make it clear that they're fictional, especially if you plan to add new chapters to them.
Apr 15, 2022 by Martin
### Story approval process changed I have to admit, that due to the sheer amount of stories submitted to our sites, I have been neglecting my duties and allowed most stories to pass without really reading them. And to the credit of all our authors, this didn't cause any issue so far! But I've decided that I want to improve the process a bit just to be on the safe side. That's why I asked for people to help me, and I got an amazing response. So we now have a whole team of people sharing the approval duties, which should make it both faster and more reliable. Check out the [rules for each site]( before submitting a story there. The rules differ slightly from site to site regarding the age of the characters allowed there and the handling of non-consensual acts. So please welcome our new approval team (listed alphabetical): [Braslu](, [Cervello](, [hypnodazed](, [Norismo](, [S. Q. Neemie](, [Soren Fitz](, [Swizzington](, [](, [Transformheaven](, [Twan Andersen]( and [txleatherman]( The rest of the admin team, namely [Grant Spiral](, [MonsterMash62](, [mw-scot](, [Philip K.](, [The Dirty Spiders](, and myself are also there to approve a story every once and a while, of course.
Apr 6, 2022 by Martin
### Final final standings are up! The corrected [final standings for the latest story challenge "Turnabout"]( are now up. I'm very sorry for the initial, faulty list of results. [Check out this forum posting]( for the details about what happened and to see this original faulty list. Regardless of the results, the overall quality of the stories in this challenge is really amazing! Congratulations to the winner of the challenge, ["The Cook Of"]( by [_bluesdwho_](! In the end the crazy amount of "Favorite" clicks granted him the top spot. Second place goes to ["Baseball Butt Changes"]( by [_SC Walker_]( which is also liked by a huge amount of people. The winner in the flawed standings, ["Stray Thought: Adoption"]( by our [_Nocturne13_]( comes in at third place now. Its ratings are amazing (3 golden and 3 silver badges!) but the top 2 stories got more likes, which made the difference in the end. Runners up are now ["Memory Fuck"]( by [_Gayborhood_]( and ["Pheromones and the Boys Who Don't Want Them"]( by [_Soren Fitz_]( Congratulations to all of you and of course also to those who didn't make it into the top 5. You were all amazing! Sorry again to [Pup Jock: Enter the Daddy-verse](, [Hexblue: Toy Turnabout]( and [time_to_occur: The B (in BDSM) is for Béchamel]( , who were listed in the original, faulty top 5. And of course to Nocturne13, who was the original winner. As punishment, I'm now going to flock myself...
Apr 4, 2022 by Martin
### Bogus challenge results listed but The [results of our latest challenge]( are now listed and the authors have been revealed! Unfortunately, there was a bug in the calculation that results in an unfair advantage for stories cross posted to multiple sites (i.e. also on Cupid or Collar). I've fixed that, but the corrected top 5 would look different with that fix. It might be unfair and look arbitrary for the current top 5 to change the ranking after they had already been awarded. I've started a [poll on Discord]( where you can add your opinion whether you want the original ranking to stand or would rather see it replaced with the fixed one. Especially authors who participated in the challenge should answer that poll. Sorry for all that confusion and discontent that has caused!
Apr 4, 2022 by Martin
### Preliminary Challenge Results! The final [results of our latest challenge]( are now listed and the authors have been revealed! Please note that the results are only preliminary, as I suspect that there is an error in the calculation that favors stories which could be rated in more categories (as they've been x-posted to multiple sites). I have to find some time to check the math and validate them. So it could be, that the results will change a bit. I'll write a proper news once this has been done. Sorry for that. Nevertheless, my highest praise to all contenders in this challenge. There are some really amazing stories and I'm proud to have them on our sites! And... who the hell is Phillip K.? Please reveal yourself, I'm sure that this is not your first story! I promise you'll get away with just an afternoon in rubber, gagged and tied!
Mar 28, 2022 by Martin
### Read and rate until April 3rd! If you want to read and rate the stories of our latest challenge [Turnabout](, you still have a couple of days before the winners and authors are going to be revealed. On April 4th, the final standings are calculated. After that date, you can still rate of course, but for the challenge standings, only ratings made before that date are going to be taken into account.
Mar 20, 2022 by Martin
#### Naughty images everywhere... Today I've uploaded a huge update to the site. :sweat: The biggest change is the possibility to upload images to be used in stories and the user profile. As an example, check out [my own profile]( and my old story [Community Service]( which I've adapted to the new features. If you want to learn more about the update or comment on it, [head to this posting in the forum](
Mar 17, 2022 by Martin
#### Story Challenge ending this weekend! Just a short reminder that the submission deadline of the story challenge [Turnabout]( is on March 20th (midnight UTC, click the [here]( to see the exact time in your region)! There are already many great stories in that contest, so please make sure [to check them all out](!
Mar 8, 2022 by Martin
#### More kinks on Gay Kinky Stories You might have noticed that I've slightly altered the look of all home pages to make sure all sites of our network get the appropriate attention. And at the same time, [Gay Kinky Stories]( has been opened for publishing stories about other kinks. Authors can submit stories for any conceivable sexual gay kink on there now. A broad selection of kinks has been added as categories on Gay Kinky Stories, anything else can be posted under "Other Kinks". Please also remember that [Gay Kinky Stories]( is the place to go to if you want to see ***all*** stories of ***all*** the sites and ***all kinks***. Use the **[Categories]** button on its the home page to select which kinks you're specifically interested in or which you don't want to see. On top of that, you can use the **[Block tags]** button to get rid of certain things you want to avoid completely.
Mar 2, 2022 by Martin
#### GSS Stories plagiarized and sold on Amazon! Someone is stealing stories from various sites, including GSS, and sells them as his own E-Books on Amazon. I recommend checking if one of your stories is affected to and report this to Amazon directly. Check out this list: [](
Feb 6, 2022 by Martin
### New Story Challenge: ***[Turnabout](*** **Note: There was a bug that made it impossible to submit stories to the challenge on any other site than Kinky. This has been fixed! If you tried to submit a story to a challenge and couldn't do it, please try again now. The checkbox should show up on the create and edit story pages! Sorry for the problem!** --- It has been quite a while since we've done a story challenge. Partly because of the new sites but also because of the "[Secret Santa](" challenge that has been organized by the authors themselves. This is the first challenge that includes all three sites ([GaySpiral](, [GayCupid]( and [GayCollar]( Just a reminder that if you prefer to get all the stories from all three sites in one single place, [GayKinkyStories]( is the place to go. The deadline is **March 20th**, so there's plenty of time to write and submit your story! I'm really looking forward to all your great stories! Let the challenge begin!
Dec 24, 2021 by Martin
[![](]( Courtesy of Hijaden2 (-> his [Twitter]( the great artist who created the rendering on most of our sites'. #### Happy Christmas everyone!
Dec 16, 2021 by Martin
#### The Reindeer Clause book is out! Our author [Nocturne13]( has turned one of the most popular stories ever posted on GaySpiralStories into a novel and published it as a printed book or e-book on Amazon! It's the perfect Christmas present for yourself and your friends! [![](]( Buy it at the - [Amazon US Store]( - [Amazon GB Store]( - [Amazon DE Store]( - [Amazon FR Store]( - [Amazon AU Store]( For all other countries just search for "The Reindeer Clause" in your local Amazon store!
Dec 8, 2021 by Martin
### The hub site []( is online! To make it easier to get everything, we've just added a new special hub site, on which you can access all stories from all of our sites. Visit it here: []( To get more info about what this site is and what it's for, please check out [this FAQ]( If you want to get all the hot gay stories, you should just bookmark [](!
Oct 19, 2021 by Martin
### Results of the story challenge! The [results of the story challenge 'New Horizons']( are in! There were not as many submissions to this challenge as I hoped, but as this site is fairly new, it's not surprising that it hasn't attracted that much attention yet. This will change at some point I'm sure! Congratulations to the winners of this challenge, [Soren Fitz](, [Razz TF]( and [BobbyBlobfish]( I thanks to all the applicants for adding their stories to this challenge!
Sep 28, 2021 by Martin
### Final days of the [New Horizons challenge](! Just a reminder there are only very few days for the first story challenge here on Gay Cupid Stories! I'm sure that there is some romantic or sexy inspiration inside of you waiting to be told!
Sep 6, 2021 by Martin
### Gay Cupid is not just about "love stories"! Unfortunately, []( is getting less attention than I hoped. The reason may be, that people think it's just about love and kissing. But it's not. Stories there can and should include steamy hot sex, too, if appropriate. They are about everything that happens in our world, be it one-night-stands, "friends with benefits", trying new things, etc, and, of course falling in love, too, but that's not a necessity. It should be about the dynamics between gay people. Stories there CAN contain some kinks as well, even super-natural stuff, if it helps the dynamic or spices up the sex. I want to remind you guys, that the challenge [New Horizons]( is still running on GayCupid. I've extended its deadline to October 3rd to give you a bit more time. Please don't restrict your self, New Horizons could also mean trying new things, new kinks, new ways to enjoy yourself... I believe in your creativity!
Aug 3, 2021 by Martin
## Welcome ... to this new site! **Gay Cupid Stories** is a new incarnation of the well established sister site called [Gay Spiral Stories](, which was started in 2016 by Hugh Michelsen. As can be guessed by its name, it's a place for romantic stories between men. Read more about it in [this forum posting]( My thanks go to Hijaden, Kuro and tfamanto who helped me with the graphical design of this new site. Have fun! Martin