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3/27/23, 12:10 AM
Long after this contest is forgotten, I think all of us readers are going to remember Carter and Brook. This is such a wonderful story, great characterizations - i'm sure the ratings will speak for themselves. Bravo!
3/26/23, 4:46 PM
I am not a writer, so can't really comment from a technical point of view, only as an enthusiastic reader. As a reader, i think the story is fantastic and so so hot. Domination and control are my primary fetishes, and the process by which the seduction and control is achieved is my primary turn-on. Your story hit it all. The repeated failed opportunities for the 'influencer' to regain control and your descriptions of his loss of mental focus were perfect. It was perfectly ironic that the influencer had no input or effect on the outcome of the story. These days the idea of an influencer being used as the hook makes the story seem so much more real. Thanks for a great story!
3/26/23, 1:13 PM
Oh man! The sex banter in this chapter is soooooo hot 🥵 I think Bruno and Tony could make me cum just by talking to me like that!
3/26/23, 11:32 AM
I’m binge reading this story and can’t stop! I’m cascading through the “wrong” branch, after following the Micah branch, ne really can’t wait to read about Xavier succumbing to all those greedy tops! My slutty self, though, is awed by his willpower facing down all those cocks in this branch! I think I’m recognizing the author you chose to get inspired by in this Zeus branch. I’ll keep my deductions until, hopefully, we get answers. I have a guess about who you are too, but as you asked in other comments I won’t reveal my guess either (although if I’m correct I love the punny pseudonym). Definitely rating this very highly for the contest. Fingers crossed 🤞
3/26/23, 9:37 AM
I am so sorry someone stole your hard work. You have real talent! This wasn't going to go down a road I would have appreciated, but the attention to detail on the psychological corruption was out of this world.
3/26/23, 9:19 AM
That was an amazing story of psychological manipulation, and so hotly done!
3/26/23, 7:47 AM
Super hot, but still horribly terrifying! Not sure what to think -- except i need to read on. i need to read the next chapter.
3/25/23, 11:30 PM
I dunno if you’ll ever see this comment, but I just wanna say your story is flawless for me. Character, world building, description, and the hot stuff XD. I’ve read this a few times, here and on Ao3, thought I’d finally comment on how amazing it is
3/25/23, 9:35 PM
I’ve never left a comment on erotica before, but I have to say that I adore this story! I was just looking for something to get off to—and don’t get me wrong, you absolutely succeeded on that front—but I ended up invested enough to keep reading even after I finished. The way you played with the medium of choose your own adventure stories was so clever. But that by itself wouldn’t be enough to carry a story. No, what I’m really impressed me was your ability to efficiently characterize every member of a pretty large cast. And the mythology nerd in me loved how you handled the Norse stuff. Big fan of Woddin and her wolves allowing themselves to change and grow over the centuries rather than remaining mostly static. So overall, just wanted to say great work. I’m excited to read your other stuff after the challenge is over.
3/25/23, 3:02 PM
So so HOT!!! What great writing sand story telling. Loved the pics showing the growth of Sir and boy!!

3/25/23, 5:24 PM
@[Rubber Fetish](/user/show/10021627) Thanks!