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4/17/24, 3:28 PM
Amazing story. I definitely prefer this end. Thank you for your work on the story!
4/17/24, 3:14 PM
4/17/24, 1:27 PM
That was really fun! Love himbos discovering their love for what they… have no idea is eating ass. These two bottoms seem like they have a good dynamic—hopefully Ozzy has the stamina for both of them!
4/17/24, 5:50 AM
I've read both of the endings and as I expected, I prefer this ending instead of the other one. In a sense it's also a good ending, since both Kal and Brad got to be happy and got a boyfriend. I wish Brad got to make Kal his slave though. But that's just my kink talking. Thanks for taking the time to write this series! It's been a fantastic ride.
4/16/24, 11:50 PM
Totally never gonna read the bad ending, this was perfect. There's enough pain in the world, I don't need it in my porn.
4/16/24, 4:56 PM
Ohh, this is very interesting. Im intrigue.

4/16/24, 9:28 PM
@[DJeiKier](/user/show/10021357) Thank you for taking the time to read it.
4/16/24, 9:27 PM
Would be cool to have a version where Brad gets what he wanted
4/16/24, 7:36 PM
Incredible series. But, I want to point out that there is still room for more in this thread. The choices thread tied up nicely, but there is further potential for this storyline. How does Ethan respond when he learns that Brad is Kal's complete slave? Can Kal be persuaded to set Brad free? Is a free Brad sufficiently changed that he remains as Kal's slave? Does he become Kal's lover? Does Kal take Brad to the gym to let him experience complete sluthood? I would love a chapter that includes Brad experiencing the joy of being a complete muscle slut. Definitely more material if you have any creative urges left for this series.
4/16/24, 7:22 PM
Amazing i loved it very much
4/16/24, 6:32 PM
Love this series, I’m a fan of demonic corruption and transformation of the good guy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful stories that hit many kinks of me.