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9/21/23, 12:35 AM
this story feels like the silver bands squeezing my balls to milk orgasms out of me! symbiote and latex love <3333
9/17/23, 9:54 PM
Been ruminating about this latest chapter and trying to best gather my thoughts. There are so many threads developing that it's hard to decide what I am most excited for in upcoming installments. I loved getting more of Lewis, and the introduction of Jocks sluts #1 and #2 was very funny (I hope we get to see more of them and that the next time Lewis turns out some jocks it doesn't happen 'off-panel' lol). In general I can't wait to find out the fates of the various jocks on campus, especially the dudes at Alpha Beta. Interesting that some jocks such as the one who stopped by during the shower scene are able to somewhat able to passively resist complete himbofication. I wonder how long that'll last? All the developments occurring at the frathouse have been stellar. I love how the changes Jace brought about started out slow before snowballing to the point that he's basically becoming the frat bicycle. Alumni week is going to be crazy and I hope it brings a nice batch of top & bottom dilfs for Jace and Lewis to enjoy. Great work!

9/20/23, 1:27 PM
@Anonymous Thanks for this comment! I live for in-depth responses to my writing. I haven't decided if Alumni Week will be the next chapter, or just the build to it as they try to figure out the magic now that everybody's in the loop (and hunt for that minotaur).
Sebastián Apollo
5/17/23, 12:01 AM
Another great installment, Charlie! A nice change of pace too, and it's nice to see some of the same events from someone else's point of view, especially someone as close to Luke as Sammy. I'm also loving how casual and nonchalant the other bros on the baseball team are about Sammy's crush on Luke. Brilliant work!
9/19/23, 2:29 PM
Once again you are knocking it out of the park with this story! It's been a while since I've waited for you to continue it and you didn't disappoint. I can't wait to see how this story unfolds because I'm totally in love with these guys and wanna see them get some closure somehow.

9/19/23, 8:59 PM
@[musclejunky](/user/show/10019676) Sorry to keep you waiting! Thank you for being patient. It's a challenging story to write, and I'm uncharacteristically taking my time with this one. Working on the next chapter at the moment.
9/18/23, 9:06 AM
Wow update soon! Superb writing and lore building as always!

9/19/23, 8:14 PM
@[Curious53](/user/show/983604) Thank you!
9/18/23, 9:00 PM
Very moving I felt bad for Ben & Ethan & happy Ben such a good friend.

9/19/23, 8:25 AM
@[br6205](/user/show/10027864) Ben is the GOAT. Everyone should have a Ben in their life.

9/19/23, 8:31 AM
@[CasualWanderer82](/user/show/10035964) You certainly have that right!
9/18/23, 10:09 PM
This is very high quality work. Well done)

9/19/23, 8:23 AM
@[Zander](/user/show/10015044) Thank you ❤️

9/19/23, 8:30 AM
@[CasualWanderer82](/user/show/10035964) I have to fully agree. I should add its ability to affect me so much is a testament to that. Let me also add I am so glad to hear he can be rescued from the hell that he lives in.
9/18/23, 8:08 PM
This chapter was hard to read & absorb. Ethan I believe is broken beyond repair, I hope I am wrong. As to Ben, I marvel at how he is keeping it together & I hope Patrick can help him, I sincerely hope the next chapter brings some sunshine & relief.

9/19/23, 8:20 AM
@[br6205](/user/show/10027864) I wouldn't say beyond repair...don't underestimated Ben's will to heal his friend. 😉
9/18/23, 7:02 PM
I was very moved by this chapter & hope Ben with the help of Patrick can help heal Ethan.
9/14/23, 9:54 PM
I really hope you will continue the story eventually.

9/18/23, 4:17 PM
@[billi](/user/show/872108) I posted a new chapter and submitted two more. Thank you for voicing your interest!