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8/14/22, 7:10 AM
Looking forward to the next chapter! And the next! And the next! And the... :grin:
8/13/22, 8:46 AM
This chapter was my favorite! You gave what I had been craving specifically in the taunting of Luke by the janitor! Also, I loved the dialog in the comments section! Looks of thought provoking topics! As a black American, I came even harder to this chapter out of all! I do wish the janitor was sexier to Luke at least.but I saw the psychological angle you were going for.
8/12/22, 12:04 AM
Sign me up I’m a total Ian
8/11/22, 2:57 PM
really enjoying feeling Tanners enjoyment playing with Peter… another great chapter!!!
8/11/22, 2:00 PM
They both hugged in the end! This episode was so wonderfully silly! I laughed really hard at this: “Who’s there?!” Called the ghost, sounding just like Cliff the motel owner. “Have some juice!” Himbo said, hurling the wet brick into the dark room with all his might. The whole chapter was simply fantastic, and kinky! A wonderful addition to the series, and the boys had a great time together. Also, all the "dude"s were fantastic.

8/11/22, 2:03 PM
@Essex I'm glad you liked it! It had me wheezing :joy:
8/11/22, 3:04 AM
I really love this series. Enjoying everything about it so far.
8/10/22, 6:46 PM
Thank you so much for this chapter. Peter and Tanner is by far the best part of this story. I much prefer this slower corruption and twisted logic rather than the abrupt changes happening to the other families. The fact that Peter actually truely thinks that it is working, that he feels clean and absolved after doing something so obviously wrong and disturbing is so terrifying. He even did it fully aware of Tanner being right there in the room. He has no idea how far he has fallen. I also really like the whole part about the underage drinking. Compared to some of the explicit sexual content that we have had in the latest chapters it might seem smale scale and boring to some but is is still a mayor change to the pastors personality. He is being corrupted with more than just incest. Please keep the chapters coming. The wait is far to long.

8/10/22, 8:11 PM
@Lytcom I would hit the 'Like' button if there was one for comments :blush: So here's a heart and a thumbs up emoji instead haha :thumbsup: :heart: I completely agree! Peter's reaction to the whole situation really shows how deep into the darkness he's already fallen. And I presume the road will keep on dragging him all the way down until the point of no return... Unless some other magical creature makes him do a U-turn, that is!
8/10/22, 7:08 PM
So great look forward to more. It’s like you reached into my mind and found my greatest fantasy. Make me a leather alpha as well!!
Steve Jones
8/10/22, 5:35 AM
Spiders. I really enjoyed this story, never have I gotten hard to a plant before. I really loved the relationship and how they came together. Jack and the beanstalk. I thought jack climbed it. This story was an intriguing idea, I don’t know the prompt but you weaved an interesting tale. I can’t wait to see what you do with a James, and a peach. :)

8/10/22, 10:49 AM
Thanks @Steve Jones. Imagine what I could do with an entire trip to Aldi?! 😅 The prompt for the challenge that this story was entered into was “The Very First Time.” I kept the spirit of the prompt but twisted it around. For Robin it was breaking a destructive cycle, (the very last time) and for Jack everything he did was “the very first time” sex, love, dying; he even got to pop the ol’ cherry for the first time, _several_ times!
8/10/22, 8:27 AM
Thanks for this piece, would love to see more from you.