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Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: **write a story inspired by the concept of MAD SCIENCE!**  
Impossible inventions. Transformative chemicals. Laboratories, test tubes, experiments gone wrong… Experiments gone *right.* Hunky lab assistants. Human test subjects. “I’ll show them! *I’ll show them all!*” An inventor goes rogue with his Porno-Ray-Gun, where a single zap turns anyone (pizza guy, fireman…) into their gay porn counterpart. A jock ends up as the oblivious test subject for his gay roommate’s mind-altering experiments. A scientist’s assistants get so fed up over how he mistreats them that they put the ‘mad’ in mad science by furiously unionizing and turning him into their willing sex slave—helped in part by the illegal pheromones they’ve pilfered from his lab. A medieval scholar unearths a 13th century ‘device’ crafted by a mad monk, and discovers that the monk’s invention has actual reality-warping powers…

**The possibilities are endless. What's** ***your*** **MAD SCIENCE story?**  
We'd love to see your own spin on the prompt! You're also very welcome to take inspiration from any of the ideas above, if they appeal to you.  
This story challenge crosses all our sites, meaning your story can be hosted on Spiral, Cupid, Collar, Kinky... or any combination of options. Good luck, and have fun!
The following requirements are enacted for this challenge in addition to the usual site rules:  - The story must be clearly inspired by the challenge prompt.  - Authors of challenge stories are anonymized by the system, and not shown until the final results are up. This is to make voting more fair—and to keep up the suspense! - Authors can only submit one story to the challenge. - A single story with multiple chapters is okay to submit, so long as you upload the chapters during the time frame of the challenge. **However,** no additional chapters to your challenge story can be submitted after the challenge ends when we are in the two-week voting period. (Please note, additional chapters to your challenge story *can* to be submitted after the challenge is over, if you wish to continue your story later, but those chapters this will not affect the calculations of the final challenge results.)  
Challenge stories are ‘ranked’ based on a calculation combining their best 4 category ratings (aka, the badges) with how many unique Favorites they get. Voting for this particular challenge will continue for two weeks after the challenge concludes, at which point the Top 5 will be announced and all authors will be revealed. 
Submission deadline: March 11, 2024 at 11:59:59 PM GMT
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Attention: You are currently on GayKinkyStories! Because of that, you're missing out on 36 challenge entries! Head over to GayKinkyStories to see them all!
Expanding on previous work done by another famous doctor. Dr. Shekel, who has been described as a well-respected, intelligent, a bit egotistical and very heterosexual scientist, aimed to expand what it meant to be human. Dr. Shackle decided that one of the greatest achievements scientists could ever hope for is to unlock the fountain of youth.
Once upon a time, there was Johnny, Pogo, and Jenny, three friends who lived ordinary lives until they stumbled upon a mysterious invention created by Anything Company. This invention has emerged from deepest desires and fantasies.
A young man named Alan escapes from a rainstorm in a weird older man's house. He is given a cup of hot chocolate that starts a biochemical reaction he couldn't have foreseen. But is there more than meets the eye at work? And what will happen to poor, sad Alan?