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7/19/22, 5:29 PM
Love this series, so cool and sexy! I'm also liking how his boys vary in form. It's good he has a collection of different types. Gotta catch em all!

7/19/22, 5:36 PM
@Heru Kane hahaha, yeah! Gotta catch 'em all indeed! If you think about it, they can't all be the same. S. White Cubby Honey Twinky Doc :wink:

7/28/22, 11:32 PM
@Essex 3 to go. Sure hope Sam's mother doesn't give him a poisoned peach. ;) I loved this chapter. So hot with a boy repressed so long finally finding his slutty urges fulfilled and in a way that also makes him feel loved. It was the perfect balance of slut and romance. Part of what I love most about this series is the care between the characters in the growing family and how having that doesn't mean they can't also be depraved sex fiends together too.

8/1/22, 2:00 AM
@Evan Thank you so much for the comment! To be honest, Jamie was the hardest character to write. Can a guy be a slut and still be wholesome? Jamie proved tough to find that balance, so I'm glad it shined through. Jamie still has a lot to learn, and the family has still room to grow. As for The Royal Bitch, another failure is sure to further upset her, don't you think? But right now, everything's right with the world!
7/31/22, 3:20 AM
Wow, the p[lot thickens and the threat feels closer than ever. I love how the foursome works, how each has their role for Matt and how in sync they all are. I'm sure trouble is coming soon, and I'll be here to root for Matt and his guys!
7/30/22, 6:39 PM
How do you manage o make steamy sex just so… adorable?

7/30/22, 9:43 PM
@Yunnick It's all about the dialogue, heh, in my opinion. I'm grateful for the Coming of Age category—there's so much beauty in a first time! And so much room for both cuteness and hotness.
7/30/22, 4:44 PM
Damn, that was hawt! 🔥

7/30/22, 6:57 PM
@Yunnick The dirty talk in this one gets me going every time. For being a simple blowjob there’s just so much to make it fun. Glad you liked it!
7/30/22, 2:14 PM
Well, how do you manage to make sex THAT suspenseful, even when the title of the chapter gave away the ending? Can’t wait to see where this goes! Poor Ari, though…

7/30/22, 6:55 PM
@Yunnick I’m really happy with what I accomplished in this chapter—it’s about the atmosphere you build, and other uncertainties surrounding what’s otherwise inevitable. Yeah, Ari’s got his struggles. Nate too. This story is a long one in the running, but I promise there’ll be positive payoff and happy endings for all of it!
7/30/22, 5:23 PM
Hey man, you created a great custom file for me a while ago that encouraged me to have short hair and be clean shaven, I love it so much. This wasbr a cool story I'd love to see you write one focusing on going from shaggy bearded hippy to clean shaven/ clean cut jock, if you're ever into it ;)
Apr 4, 2017
7/29/22, 11:15 PM
Fuck, this was so hot, and also so sweet. This is my exact fantasy, so you better believe my nuts were churning out precum the entire time I read it!

7/29/22, 11:33 PM
@BeefyCub Hopefully you finished with a nice mess! :)

7/30/22, 3:04 PM
@Papa Werebear a very nice mess! Licked it all up, though, can’t waste the protein!

7/30/22, 4:24 PM
@BeefyCub :+1: awesome! I have done my job then! Let's talk privately. I'd like to discuss stuff. :bear:
Good boy
7/29/22, 10:01 PM
Is that what happened to me?

7/29/22, 10:03 PM
@Good boy hmm, are you fucking your roommate on command? When your roommate says "who's a good boy, who's a big strong top?" are you going "woof woof I am!" and then fucking harder? 😉
7/28/22, 11:21 AM
This series keep getting better and better. I love that this becoming a journey of sexual self-discovery, and not some Darwinian view of sexuality. There’s both the wonder of opening up your mind and the sheer mysticism of sexual power all wrapped-up in such powerful physicality. Thanks for this well-written journey you’re gifting us!

7/28/22, 4:13 PM
Thank you! I am so proud of the eroticism I was able to accomplish with this chapter. Blending the physical and the spiritual and trying to make it hot was a challenge I’m glad I took. I’m curious what you mean by a Darwinian view of sexuality—what were you originally expecting, or could you elaborate on the contrast between what I’m doing and the Darwinian thing? @Yunnick

7/29/22, 7:15 AM
@Soren Fitz Hard to explain. Sometimes in some stories you get a sense that sexuality is a curse, like being a bottom is being at the bottom of a pre-ordained, rigid hierarchy in sexual roles, and that there is no fluidity in sex at all. And that’s a worldview I don’t quite like. You’re on the contrary feels to me like a story of discovering and exploring your deep desires in spite of socially-constructed norms, in that wonderful universe you’re creating, and I’m digging this. (I hope this makes sense)

7/29/22, 4:17 PM
@Yunnick It makes perfect sense! You hit the nail on the head, honestly. I love subverting traditional sexual norms through characters who buck them—in this case, Talley faces off against a norm he created himself. It’s also why I use top-to-switch and not top-to-bottom (although I probably should add both for people who read those stories). I hope the last chapter is a satisfying end to Talley’s journey! And if you want another story in this universe you might want to check out The Prince and the Frat Boys.

7/29/22, 7:20 PM
@Soren Fitz Really looking forward to the the final chapter(s)!
7/28/22, 3:48 PM
So atmospheric. Great character development. Such excellent building of erotic energy. No notes.

7/29/22, 4:18 PM
@Noam de Pluma I’m really happy with the build-up here. For not being a non-stop sex scene like the last one, I think it still holds the homoeroticism close while making room for a lot of story. And the atmosphere was my favourite thing to pull off here.