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1/6/21, 1:31 PM
I love the character dynamics you set up so quickly and deftly in each scene. You could feel their reputations in the school coming through in the crowd's reactions. I also loved the way you used enemy-to-lovers here -- it felt way better than actual revenge would have and they make a very sweet couple. Incredibly well-written and super hot!
1/6/21, 4:54 AM
*"Let's talk consent and boundaries"* the kraken says... I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at porn as I have at this.
1/5/21, 6:08 PM
Wonderful! The reality shifts were great!
1/5/21, 3:15 PM
Weird, original and wonderful. And the thought of Jörmungandr - oh gods.
1/5/21, 2:34 PM
This is brilliant and I love it.
1/5/21, 2:22 PM
I think you've outdone yourself with this one. The whole way through reading it I was theorising about how things would end up, but you still managed to both surprise me and keep that feel-good tone that I just can't get enough of. I still can't help but hope that Griffin's parents hold the key to some obscure immortality for pairs in true love - but that's the hopeless romantic in me... Anyway, this is a truly inspiring creative work (and any story that has a kraken come out of left field is just... *chef's kiss*).
1/5/21, 1:13 PM
There are some stories on this site that go way beyond fap material, and this is without question one of them. (While still being excellent fap material, let's be clear.) The writing is just magical. The way you describe that little tea shop in the beginning is beautiful, the way Coiirei catches feelings for Griffin is so sweet and tender, and the way you describe their relationship evolving is so, so, so well done. There's so much to appreciate here, from the way you describe the 'energy' that Coirrei gets from having sex to the blisteringly hot first time they hook up to the little pet names they come up with for each other as the years go by. I'm rambling, but this deserves to be rambled over. Excellent, excellent work, Time!
1/5/21, 5:00 AM
Very sweet in its own way. I quite enjoyed it!
1/5/21, 4:32 AM
Such a unique combination of the supernatural and romance! Enjoyed this story.
1/5/21, 12:31 AM
An extremely hot, well-written story!