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#### Nice of you to look at my profile! You know me as the host and owner of all the [GayKinkyStories]( sites. In 2017, I took over the original [Gay Spiral Stories]( from [Hugh Michelsen]( It has been a fantastic ride to work on the sites and to create this amazing community. I can only thank you all for joining me - and of course, Hugh for allowing me to step into his shoes. :kissing_heart: The [history of this site]( goes all the way back into the early 2000s. It all started out with a site called []( which was later becoming the *Narcissus Cursed Men Collection*, or *NCMC* in short. It was shut down against the will of its owner, Tom, but the stories were all saved and are now part of Gay Spiral Stories. ![Gimps by Hijaden2](/image/show/10001434) One day, I searched the web and stumbled upon the story [*Brain Feed*]( by [**rubbrsome**]( on NCMC and that story absolutely fascinated me and awakened my kink for rubber and mind control. I started to be an avid fan and user of NCMC and in a way, it started this whole journey for me. I was really unhappy when the NCMC disappeared, and I was more than happy to see that Hugh created Gay Spiral Stories out of its ashes. --- ![My alter-ego "Whore" by Hijaden2](/image/show/10001438)Twinkish androids, with a rubber or plastic shiny skin fascinate me to this day and always get me going. That's why I asked [Hijaden2]( to render my alter ego, which I've been using ever since. I'm in my 50ies, I live close to Munich, Germany, together with my husband and if I'm not working on the site or wanking to one of the many hot stories there, I'm usually playing a lot of computer games. I also work out a bit and occasionally I have fun with my friends, too. :innocent: You can meet and talk to me on our [Discord Server]( I have been writing a couple of stories in the past, which always revolve around the protagonist getting turned into some kind of sexual slave, usually using some kind of technology. Two stories I'm particularly proud of are [Birthday Present]( and [Community Service](, also because they're complete one shot stories. Other than that, I tend to fall into the habit of not concluding my series... which I regret and intend to change at some point. However, I hope you'll still enjoy some of [my other stories]( ![Our Kinky RPG team by Hijaden2](/image/show/10001500)Lately, I've joined a little kinky pen & paper RPG which is hosted by [ng5]( on his own Discord Server. It's a really fun and very kinky group, as you can see here!
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