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12/4/22, 2:40 PM
This chapter is so heartbreaking! I just want to reach through the screen and give both Sammy and Luke a shake and tell them why they’re miscommunicating. But I like how it’s apparent they’re moving past the part where we could see Luke as being used or taken advantage of, and of course it’s still incredibly hot. Can’t wait to read more.
12/3/22, 5:30 PM
So much plot I'm actually struggling to keep track of it all, on Pokemon Himbo Sun of all things 😱 😄😅😂

12/4/22, 9:47 AM
@[A Possession A Day](/user/show/1060663) I wouldn't worry, it's not like Himbo has any idea what's going on :grin:
12/4/22, 9:18 AM
Reread this all the past few days. Just as amazing as always. Hoping for more, but as a fellow author who feels distracted by many other pursuits, I totally get waiting for the right time to continue stories that get requests. Just wanted to let you know that this is a masterpiece and no matter what comes next or when it drops, that won't change. You're supremely talented and I can only hope you don't feel pressured to write anything you aren't 100% proud of <3
12/4/22, 2:19 AM
You have such a great command of this story, from characterization to sex scenes to just articulating the sensation of the needy itch and the buildup to orgasm… it’s excellent. As a consequence of your characterization, I’m *really* feeling for Luke in terms of him being on the spectrum and otherwise struggling to piece together what’s going on around him. I’m not on the spectrum myself, but I struggled big time with socialization and a learning disability when I was growing up, so a lot of what you wrote hits home for me. I really hope Sam spells it out for him soon so he can get on with processing his social reality as well as dealing with whatever’s going on with his ass. Suffice to say I will absolutely be reading the rest of this series!
12/3/22, 6:00 PM
love to see lex have this dominance over superslave

12/4/22, 12:07 AM
@[curiousj](/user/show/10030564) Hey CuriousJ! Glad U R enjoying the storyline!!:sparkler: I told U if U were patient that the story would go in the direction that you desired (wink-wink)!!:smiling_imp: Stay tuned 4 more curveballs (& twists & turns, for that matter--LOL!):baseball: Gr8ful 4 your positive feedback & continued interest! ENJOY your weekend!:sparkles:
12/3/22, 11:15 PM
Ooohh, so exciting. Things got hotter with the student teacher dynamic. I wonder how will Cameron blends/interact with the other two "slaves". Looking forward with the next chapter.
12/3/22, 9:13 PM
I loved the original JPS, and this is a really nice reboot. Super hot, and it really hits a number of my kink buttons perfectly! One comment with your writing, sometimes it’s a little unclear. Like, does he have carpet in his bathroom, or did he head back to his bedroom? Did he have two or three fingers in his ass when Sammy found him? A little more attention to the details will help readers like me stay in the story and not get distracted trying to copy-edit on the fly 😅

12/3/22, 9:57 PM
@[Noam de Pluma](/user/show/1403470) Very fair. I do have a few proofreaders who take care of things for me, but sometimes things fall through the cracks.
12/3/22, 5:38 AM
Charlie, you have no idea how much of a genuine joy it is to see the next chapter of Luke's adventure get uploaded! I actually originally starting following you on Literotica, then I found you on Twitter, and that led me to GayKinkyStories, so I suppose I owe you thanks for introducing me to such a great site and offering of erotica. Greatly written, balancing both comedic tones and sexiness. Luke's almost-aloofness is both adorable, endearing, and his casual sluttiness about the entire ordeal is hot as hell. Watching a young baseball stud slowly degrade himself into a living self-lubing fleshlight has only brought the perviest of smiles to my face! Sammy is a sweetheart, and Mark was a fun ride! Keep up the good work!

12/3/22, 9:56 PM
@[Sebastián Apollo](/user/show/10029736) Thank you so much! I'm a big fan of your writing too!! And I'm honored you discovered this site through me :) I'm glad you are liking the non-porn elements too, that always makes me happy to hear.
12/3/22, 5:42 AM
Wow. I think I just discovered a kink for men with strong moral principles. I'm crushing hard for coach after this and he didn't even have to take his clothes off lol. Great chapter, happy to see some new characters in the doctor and the nurse :)

12/3/22, 9:55 PM
@[AdibHass](/user/show/910212) Well there's only so long a man of fine moral character like Coach can resist the sultry charms of Luke's ass :)
12/3/22, 12:25 PM
This story continues to be outstanding.

12/3/22, 3:15 PM
@[Darby Thomas](/user/show/10017156) Hi Darby!! So GR8 2 hear from you & THANK YOU 4 your positive comment!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I'm THRILLED that you're continuing to ENJOY the storyline...:sparkler: I'm doing my BEST 2 keep it interesting/evolving with AS MANY curveballs/twists & turns that I can create!:smiling_imp: Again, SO GR8FUL for your continued interest & ENJOY your Weekend!:sun_with_face: