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Hello, hello, I am **A Possession A Day** but you may also know me as APAD, Poss, Pozz, Fred, or a whole host of other names, really. I write possession stories (may have a TF one à la Aardvarkia in the future) featuring daddies, bears, and all manners of men on the hairy and burly side. Having said that, my favourite parts of this particular niche of fiction I've found myself in would be themes surrounding identity, deception, and the perceptions and perspectives of other people. Most of my stories thus far were captions written for images on Tumblr as part of my experiment to have a mostly SFW (but very much horny coded) possession caption blog as a hobby under the Purge guidelines. As of this writing, the experiment is a failure. The Tumblr I've linked is a text-only version of my blog which I believe even Tumblr's horrendous NSFW implementation will not touch. I will still post all my stories on my various Tumblrs but my focus will now be on hosting my stories here for the foreseeable future. I may update said reuploaded image captions to be better standalone, pictureless, stories in the future, pending demand and my writing schedule (read: whims). You may message me through any of the avenues I've listed here on this profile but I'm partial to Discord (same name, come check out the GSS server!). E-mail is just fine too. I've resisted posting here as I do not write my stories primarily as erotica (though I am _intimately_ aware that they can be erotic) and possession isn't _really_ hypnosis but reliability has now become a concern, so here I am. Also if you want to read the stories with the images I had originally intended for them, they're all still hosted on my own Google Drive (links below). - [2019](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-b4oO1Gk4iDJzS4VOx220v1RRF-s1IYE?usp=sharing) - [2021](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vrIR9IhYjPdSZVjGqAkdiYOinvNMWTf5?usp=sharing) Hope you enjoy!
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