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### Hallo! I'm Philip K. Nice to meet you. As of April '22, I've taken on the role of Master of Challenges for the site. If you have any questions about the current or upcoming story challenges, feel free to reach out. You can reach me via forum DMs on the site's forum system, or via e-mail. I'll try to answer questions as I'm available. Apologies in advance for any delay in response, and thank you for understanding. 😅 Also, see below for a quick FAQ! - - - > **Q:** Are you participating in the challenges? > > **A:** As of the 2022 Halloween challenge, I am! When the Master of Challenges role was brand new, I made the decision that I wouldn't participate in the first challenge in any way — meaning, no voting on or Favoriting any challenge stories, and definitely no submitting a story myself. (I know my vote counts no more or less than anyone else's, and there's no real way for me to rig things in my favor. But I just wanted people to feel comfortable, since this is all rather new!) Seeing as the first round went smoothly, I've lifted that temporary restriction on myself.
> **Q:** What (and when) will the next story challenge voting be? > > **A:** I've crafted a list of potential themes for several future rounds. Each of those rounds will have five new potential challenge themes to vote on. (Popular themes from previous voting slates which didn't win their round might pop up again later, but not right away.) The voting on the next round of challenge themes will be in the late spring/early summer of '23. The challenge will open submissions in summer '23.
>**Q:** Will this change the format of the Halloween story challenge? > >**A:** This won't affect the style of the Halloween story challenge, which would still follow its same more relaxed format (aka, where all authors are visible and non-anonymous, and authors can submit more than one story if they want).
^*^ ^FAQ^ ^was^ ^last^ ^updated^ ^on^ ^March^ ^2023^
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