For years I have been investigating strange stories and bizarre phenomena, all with one thing in common; a shadowy organization known as **DubCon Corp**. Sex cults, insane muscle growth, himbofication, hypnotism, body transformations, mind control; the list of the depravities they are responsible for are diverse but all share the skyrocketing of those involved sex-drives'. I've devoted my life to documenting the lives of the men affected and finding out the true goal of **DubCon Corp** but it is clear to me that they wish to reshape the world into one of pure, sexual liberation. A world of masters and slaves, dominants and submissives, depraved dumb masturbators, roided up muscle men and big booty'd bottom boys. A world where every man's kinks and fetishes are out in the open for everyone to see with no shame... unless they're into being humiliated of course. Every man will be free to exist as their true selves, and if you don't know what your true self is, don't worry, they'll help you find your place... even if it is on your knees. I have to be careful. Their reach is world-wide, from the cities of Western civilization to the jungles of South America, and I've seen first hand what becomes of those who get too close to the truth or interfere with their games and experiments. Through my investigations, I have discovered several ways that **Dubcon Corp** are able to influence and control the behaviors of others: **Q Weed**: made from the leaves of the _Asnu Sisi_ or the _Booty Flower_, found only in the deepest region of the Amazon. Smoking this specialized weed causes those affected to become either incredibly submissive or incredibly dominant but always incredibly horny. It is unknown if the affects are random person-to-person or if it truly does bring out the man's true self. **Pink**: a glittery compound that can administered through the skin; it causes intense desire for the victim's own body; increasing sensitivity and causing them to think of nothing except stroking their cocks and getting their holes fucked. The worst cases I've seen have resulted in guys becoming nothing more than drooling, gooning messes. **FanFreaks**: I have noticed that several of the affected men have found their way to becoming performers on the popular porn site, owned by DubCon. They are generously paid though and seem happy despite their lives now completely consumed by their lust. My comments section and DMs are always open; even for you perverts who find delight and sexual arousal from my stories. Who knows, maybe **DubCon** is watching and you might find yourself the next unfortunate boy to be at their mercy. I fear my cautions will fall on deaf ears, so please at the least enjoy my stories; there are so many to tell. Regards; Goon Noob. (**Commissions Open**)
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