Oct 19, 2021

### Results of the story challenge! The [results of the story challenge 'New Horizons'](https://www.gaycupidstories.com/storyCampaign/show/10000004) are in! There were not as many submissions to this challenge as I hoped, but as this site is fairly new, it's not surprising that it hasn't attracted that much attention yet. This will change at some point I'm sure! Congratulations to the winners of this challenge, [Soren Fitz](https://www.gaycupidstories.com/series/show/10001132), [Razz TF](https://www.gaycupidstories.com/series/show/10001141) and [BobbyBlobfish](https://www.gaycupidstories.com/story/show/10002468). I thanks to all the applicants for adding their stories to this challenge!