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Accidental master

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last change on June 13, 2024

You know what I find really hit but is very uncommon? People get an hypnotized slave without even planning it!
Names mix-up lead to wholesome and sexy "friendship"!
Richie's friends Seb and Sebastian have never gotten along, even though he loves them both. A press of a button might just change their whole relationship dynamic.
The true master needs to fix an unexpected situation...
The photographer didn't expect this, but will enjoy the opportunity!
Beau Mirchoff's wallet is starting to look a little empty, so he decides to search for some gigs.
So sexy to be gifted a slave as a last-minute present.
Alex has an uncle who's a hypnotist and is going to do a hypnosis show on their university. His uncle forgot that Alex's birthday was near and wasn't able to give him a gift. So he gave him one in the form of his hot roommate Justin.
When your roomate put himself in a trance, why not make sure you are BEST friends?
That security glitch wasn't expected to do that, and Noah is regreteful, but that's what makes it hot.
A company has a unique way to protect its computers, What happens when an employee installs it on his computer and is accidentally activated by his neighbor?
Accidental hypnosis starting with chapter 2, more accurately.