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Have a Little Priest

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last change on May 19, 2024

It's too good, at least. It's corrupted by sins of the flesh. So it's pretty fresh.
Detailed, slow, and furry. Yum.
A down to earth priest receives an urgent call from a group of construction workers in dire need of spiritual help. Even if he finds himself feeling skeptical after hearing them out, what he inevitably discovers lurking at the construction site will be bound to change the course of his life and those of all the other men in his town.
While restoring a book about a chaos demon, Holden is transformed into the entity's vessel through his dreams. Though he should resist, maybe being filled by the essence of a demon won't be so bad. Can he use the book and a long-lost cure-all to outmaneuver everyone and still get fucked?
Jesus has been sent by heaven to form a truce with the Lucifer and his demonic hordes. He makes them an offer they won't refuse: 72 hours to use his body in any way they want. Will Jesus withstand their erotic torture or will he succumb to the pleasure?