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Corruption in College

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College males change for the worse.
Simple set up. Many chapters.
Ryan's brief encounter with the occult leaves him cursed. Or is it gifted?
A mysterious latex-clad supervillain has emerged and began to take over the city of New Fairfax. Heroes have gone missing and mysterious drones keep appearing on the street. The only thing that stands in his way is the League of Superheroes, and a dangerous sidekick. But the supervillain is a Mastermind for a reason, and the more the heroes chases him, the closer they get to a latex embrace.
It's his first year in college and Alex has fallen in lust with senior Luke Petrekka, Commander of the Marine ROTC who would never give him the time of day. Not without some help from a magic book that will make Alex all that Luke desires. Alex's brother Scott thinks all this is ridicules...until it isn't.
In a small college town where nothing ever happens, an all consuming plague has been unleashed. Follow the stories of several characters as they try and escape this rubber apocalypse.
Ethan can't understand why his school suddenly has mandatory scuba training for boys. Maybe it has something to do with the special wet suits they use...
The protaganist finds himself the target of the infamous football team known as The Black Knights
Hard up for cash, scavenger Keith Coolidge follows a lead to an old derelict alien ship, hoping to find himself a large score. He found himself dealing with something much larger, completely life shifting instead