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Serve your country. No questions asked.
Absman makes the most interesting stories.
Petty Officer Yates knew he was the new guy on the Team, he knew he wasn't as experienced as the others, but he was just as good as they were. Maybe even better if only he had the chance to show them. Prove to them he's the best. So, when a strange being offers him the chance to do just that while the Team is searching through some old ruin, saying no doesn't cross his mind until later...
It's his first year in college and Alex has fallen in lust with senior Luke Petrekka, Commander of the Marine ROTC who would never give him the time of day. Not without some help from a magic book that will make Alex all that Luke desires. Alex's brother Scott thinks all this is ridicules...until it isn't.
A mysterious police chief succeeds a corrupt office and introduces a new breed of police officers. The residents of Wing City never expected the rapid change that came next.