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Slobs and stoners

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last change on May 17, 2024

Stories about guys who turn into slobs or stoners or, if we’re lucky, both
The slobification is remarkable. Weight gain and smells and messiness!
A classic of the genre
If more men became dumb slobs the world would be a better place
One lobby roommate turns the other, with delightful results for both
A random roommate turns out to be more than a lazy shut-in, and soon Brett finds himself swept up with his slobbish ways.
A family affair can be very hot. Love the slob transmission tool too
Another slobby classic. I’d eat this meal in a heartbeat
Ernesto takes his dad Augusto to a famous restaurant for a meal they'll never forget.
One of the great stoner fantasies on this site
Some stoner smut for those who asked for it. In this story, a young man receives the wrong order in the mail and ends up joining a like-minded online community of hedonists.
Drugged food and musk and cum makes a pig out of a boy
A young gainer cub is looking for a fun night with an experienced older feeder, but when the two click the cub finds himself growing far more than he could have imagined.
High on the stoner (no pun intended) low on the slob. Still hot as hell
Alan needs to find a way to relax. Sam has a way to help him. Will Alan be happier in the end?