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9/10/22, 10:41 PM
OMG please write more! I was hanging on ever word.
9/10/22, 2:46 PM
Fantastic!!! How have I missed this!!!
9/9/22, 11:21 AM
Undeniably the best and most wholesome series in GSS. Never stops bringing a smile to my face.

9/9/22, 8:47 PM
@Twan Andersen It brightens my day to have you say that :blush:
9/9/22, 4:14 AM
Really love this story !!! Can't wait for more :heart_eyes:
9/8/22, 6:00 AM
9/8/22, 4:00 AM
I felt so bad for Caleb that Luke is so shallow after they were having such a great time and connection. Even so, the changes working on him were hot. His discovery of the pleasure of it and wanting to meet with Luke again and hope to get him to top. Interested to see the continuation. Nicely done!
Nov 26, 2021
9/4/22, 7:18 PM
How did I miss this story when it came out? It's now one of favorites, and I'll definitely be coming back to it often. I read this in pretty much one sitting after midnight, and then immediately started brainstorming my own story based on it. Seriously, this story is all of my favorite things. Muscle growth, dumbing down, himbofacation/bro-ing, true love triumphing against evil assholes, and a happy ending. It's just a very fun story. The beginning is a good set-up and surprisingly romantic, setting up the love these men have for each other and for their son. The transformations are hot, but also pretty rough because everything that makes them who they are is stripped away from them. Their sexuality, their marriage, their years of experience, their identities... Daniel loses his intelligence, and presumably his ability to write; Steve loses his compassion, his ability and willingness to care about others. Dan can't touch any of his writing and Stu can't cook, one of the things that symbolized that compassion. The parts where they're taking care of Justin are really fun (and yes, heartbreaking), and i found myself wanting MORE of that. Seeing my scroll bar approach the bottom and knowing things were about to wrap up made me sad. If i have any complaints, it would be more adventures of the husbros and son. I would also have liked to get to know Justin more and get a better grasp of who the kid is. All of that aside, the way you managed to show how great of parents they were, and how even changed they were still a family was very well done. And that ending...i could write a whole comment thread just about that ending. But to keep it short, the whole process of them realizing that Ellias was actually an awful person who did them no favors, of fighting back against a demigod (or whatever), and of turning his own powers against him, maybe not getting back everything they lost, but getting back what really mattered (and showing that they were more than what he took away) was absolutely fantastic. Conversion therapy aside, one of my issues with "gay to straight" stories is they're actually "gay to toxic masculinity". The guys lose their compassion, becoming sexist, homophobic bullies, and are generally unpleasant to be around, as exemplified by Ellias and his bros. There are women in the story, but they never get names or agency. They're just objects to show off how "masculine" the bros are and to be used for sex. We don't see the bros being actively homophobic, but they changed their victims' sexuality casually, and its easy to imagine they've done this before. But then you have Daniel and Steve, Dan and Stu, and they take this and reconstruct what positive masculinity looks like. The compassion Daniel poured into his writing is what convinced Stu he wants to be a better person, and their love for their son, uncaring about their "image" is what saves them. Seriously, i could write a whole essay just about the deconstruction and reconstruction of every aspect of this story, and maybe some day i will. But for now, I'm going to enjoy reading this, try to actually finish my own take on it, and waiting for the next chapter of "Undue Resentment" (which is how i found this). I hope you see this, and keep up the great work.

9/8/22, 2:57 AM
@BlindSeer0 Hey so, I don't even know where to start. I've read this comment multiple times in the last few days since you posted it. It means a lot to me that you hold the work in such high regard. I worked really hard putting my all into so I'm glad it payed off. There's not enough I could say in a reply that would articulate how moved I am to read your breakdown. I immensely enjoy people breaking down media and content, and maybe that's personal taste,but I don't care. This was delight to read and I look forward to reading your stories in the future. (P.S. let me know you write that essay just forward it my way :joy:.)
Smith Jones
9/8/22, 12:01 AM
Dying for an extended part2!!! Congragulations on Your Epic amazing story!
9/7/22, 9:21 PM
Charlie I respect writers like you who create great stories. I know most writers work hard to create stories & us readers must never disrespect them. You have a gift & I feel privileged to read your stories along with many others. Never let the nah sayers get to you.

9/7/22, 9:35 PM
@br6205 Thank you that's so sweet <3
9/7/22, 6:30 AM
Really really enjoyed this man. Thanks for a great story. Recently discovered you on tumblr only to find that account deactivated. I was sad because I wanted to read more of your amazing stories. Thanks for linking your tumblr account. Love the ass growth you do!