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6/19/20, 3:28 AM
This is simply a masterful exercise of craft. It was a full narrative, with a great structure, elegantly done. The characters felt distinct and driven by complex emotions. And it was deeply romantic in ways that weren't conventional or cliched. It's just a very cool and confident bit of writing. The world building was handled well too - it didn't feel awkward or exposition heavy and the writing didn't feel mannered or archaic despite managing to feel immersed in its setting. I massively enjoyed it, basically. Thanks for writing it and I hope you write a lot more stuff in as many different genres as possible. It was so cool to see a well-written and multi dimensional female character too. i guess for obvious reasons to do with the focus of the site any women often get a bit sidelined. I really appreciated how much more expansive and textured the story felt for including her and giving her a perspective.
6/18/20, 2:32 PM
That was such a cool story, I loved it. Perhaps not as sex focused at others, but it doesn't have to be in my opinion. I *really* enjoyed it. The story is really cool, with a great atmosphere. The druid was also more than she appeared to be at the start and the ending was great.
6/18/20, 7:26 AM
it was definitely a creative and well thought out story with a lot of originality involved. I would have loved to see a more detailed or perhaps werewolf, sex scene though. Great work overall! These challenges are quite cool.
6/18/20, 5:18 AM
Well-crafted and superbly written! Thank you!
6/18/20, 12:22 AM
I really enjoyed this story. A great mix of love and revenge. The fact that I didn't know what to think of the "villain" until literally the last sentence was great.
6/13/20, 6:56 AM
thanks for writing something nice in this genre. its hot to read something fun that doesn't end badly. would love more from this universe!
6/7/20, 11:41 PM
This was so hot & horny I'm still sweating! Excellent details of the man-on-man sex (which kept me hard & leaking). I hope there's more chapters...
6/7/20, 8:55 PM
Nice couple of twists, great story
6/7/20, 6:51 PM
Great story!! Loved the plot twist!
6/7/20, 2:12 PM
That was great! And, although I'm not usually a fan of photos with the stories, these really drove home the changes he was undergoing.