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4/23/22, 3:02 AM
Right. Now I’m now up to date.
4/16/22, 6:42 PM
Love this story. Would love to see more with the clone(s) :)

4/16/22, 7:27 PM
Sorry, no clones. The purpose of the clones is to replace the originals and take their place in life so no one notices that they're missing

4/18/22, 4:41 AM
@Fire302 - But that increases the population by 1/4

4/18/22, 7:36 AM
Oh shit your right, I didn’t think about that until you brought it up. I guess copying a person would increase the population, I don’t know how to fix this. But then again do you think Thanos thought his plan through?

4/23/22, 1:04 AM
@Fire302 - I'd assume the clones get recycled by getting re-cast as new men whenever their genetic counterpart gets placed with a master.
4/22/22, 1:31 PM
This was really sweet and felt very down-to-Earth. I’m definitely going to read more!
4/22/22, 11:31 AM
Wow still going good, and Martin your right about Nathan now I’ll add Gabe
4/22/22, 3:10 AM
Loving this series!! Hot!!
4/21/22, 7:54 PM
I am liking this series, last chapter I wondered who had it better , this one it’s Nathan

4/21/22, 8:15 PM
@Bimarguy Definitely Nathan. All the time :)
4/21/22, 8:08 PM
i'm happy that you have finished this really good story well at least i think the most people will be glad that jimmy nd ian took revenge as for the conts of story its amazing congratulations!
4/21/22, 1:10 AM
If you're not attracted to women, can you still get some of those Sextarian upgrades, or would you end up being a slave? (asking for a friend) I'd like to see that play out. 🫢

4/21/22, 1:16 AM
No. The Sextarians only convert straight guys into gay cybernetic slaves to serve actual gay guys. They ignore gay guys as they are their customers.

4/21/22, 2:49 AM
Remember the goal is to force straight guys into gay relationships to slow down the population growth.

4/21/22, 4:17 AM
@Fire302 I figured, but some of those upgrades and going to gay school for years sounds too enticing to pass up. 🤤 Thanks for creating this world!
4/21/22, 1:02 AM
@Cuddle-Switch. I did not really think about Rhys uncovering a trail of his own leading to Aris rather than obscuring it. And I should have. :) Brilliant idea. And a great way to add a little conflict to Rhys's and Aris's relationship. Why do you like characters ending in S. My brain struggles with using apostrophes with them. :D In case it wasn't clear, I am very eager for the next chapter and to see where you are both heading with things. Iskios has information the crew could use but also a vested interest in not intervening to keep competition to a minimum. Unless getting them to concentrate on their lost crew member opens more opportunities for him, perhaps. Having Jasper show off and Rhys still maintaining dominance was masterfully crafted. You should be proud. It was clear and felt very natural and real.
4/21/22, 12:00 AM
one of my favorite stories!!!! can’t wait for more