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9/16/18, 6:02 PM
always know I'm in for something good when Cris Kane shows up in the new stories list
9/16/18, 5:50 PM
Always a treat to see something new from you--especially with some ethnic flair!
9/16/18, 3:28 PM
Awesome start to a new sampling of transformation beer!
9/16/18, 12:02 PM
yes! loved this series! cant wait to see more
9/10/18, 12:34 AM
Man, I've just read everything, all your work are spectacular. There's just the right balance, it's perfect, right here.
9/5/18, 9:10 AM
I want Jack to get a reputation for being a sex stud and see him become a Dom after he gains more confidence.
9/4/18, 3:29 PM
amazing... beautifully written..
9/4/18, 7:26 AM
Nocturne, it's really great to have you back here! I had a blast with your story and can't wait to read more of them! :)
9/4/18, 5:10 AM
are we going to get a ch 4?
9/4/18, 5:09 AM
will you update mysterious boyfriend x?