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3/31/22, 5:45 AM
Hey, Soren! While I do absolutely love your work (Unintended Consequences of Time Travel and The Prince And The Frat Boys, especially), this is not a comment to ask you to write more. I just wanted to let you know that you're an incredible author, you make amazing content, and I am more than happy to wait! I know life can get crazy, and it's not always possible to write when and how we like, but my love of your talent isn't dependent on you getting it published within a certain time frame. I have a friend on this site who constantly tells me about how worried he is that no one will be interested in his stuff unless he publishes every week or every other week, and I just thought you deserved to know that at least one person out here is a loyal fan of yours. Take whatever time you need to take care of yourself, and whenever a new story or a new chapter comes out, you bet your ass I'll be pumping that view count up.

4/1/22, 7:03 AM
This is seriously such a good thing to hear. One of the hardest things about this drought of posting stories has been the lack of comment notifications. I’ve written so much that I’m excited to share, yet I’m so far from posting any of it. So I have to ride (sort of) off the high of comments like these. It’s great to know that I’m known for my talent at authorship and for being someone worth being loyal to. I don’t intend to let my fans down any time soon. Keep a lookout for more (and see if you can find my story in the contest entries! =P ) @Jack

4/2/22, 3:41 AM
@Soren Fitz I can totally understand feeling worried that people don't actually like your stuff. Feel free to reach out anytime (my email is on my profile) and I'll happily fanboy to my heart's content to let you know how much I enjoy your work!
2/11/22, 7:07 PM
I wonder if Sammy had something to do with the butt transformation.

4/1/22, 8:00 PM
@Cutlerfan Yeah I was a little suspicious about that myself. After all he's the one who supplied all those shorty shorts. But he didn't seem to understand the protagonist was leaking self lubrication so probably not directly.
4/1/22, 7:35 PM
Glad more of the story is coming out. These oblivious stories can so fun
6/30/21, 9:29 PM
❤❤❤ Commenting from my Phone, it's not great but I really enjoy all scenes where a new identity is created, so that might be one of my favorite chapters you ever wrote! Good luck writing the sequel series!

4/1/22, 6:28 PM
@BobbyBlobfish - I didn't notice this comment before :3 thanks for all your help as a proof reader/editor/writing corrector :3 I improve a lot thanks to you ^ ^
4/1/22, 6:13 PM
Very good story as usual ^^
4/1/22, 2:39 PM
Thanks for all the comments so far, everyone! To clarify a few questions, there will be no transformation. I'm sorry, but that isn't really a kink of mine. This will be a multi-chapter series, no longer than seven, with a maximum waiting period of one month between each chapter, and although I have it all plotted out, if you have any ideas/suggestions I won't promise but I will try to incorporate them :)
4/1/22, 12:09 AM
Quite original. Let's see what's in the next chapter

4/1/22, 2:37 PM
@Hypnominion Help yourself dude! Published a few days ago.
4/1/22, 2:21 PM
are you planning on continuing?
4/1/22, 12:44 PM
so hot man, thank you!
4/1/22, 10:42 AM
This is a very great story of fantasy. It's keeping me wanting to know what's coming next.