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1/5/21, 12:31 AM
An extremely hot, well-written story!
1/4/21, 1:04 PM
NOAM, you champ! This turned out better than I could ever have hoped. Everything about this - from the use of awareness and obliviousness, to the solo/duo time stop sections, to the poor beleaguered Mr. Barton... it all comes together into a delicious, sexy cocktail. Who ever said wishes didn't get you anywhere? Champagne work. Will be returning to this in the future, mate!
1/4/21, 12:57 PM
Loved this subtle evolution of bully-to-lover and the mechanic of the timestop for making the changes. Gave me a bit of blue balls at how close we kept getting to a climax, for that matter! Well done!
1/4/21, 12:23 PM
wow so jot.
1/4/21, 11:54 AM
another great tale!
Dec 31, 2020
1/4/21, 9:27 AM
A bit different from what we normally get here, and imho, all the better for it. It was a very charming, romantic story that was a delight to read.
Dec 31, 2020
1/2/21, 11:13 PM
What a joyous and lovely story! I hope we get to see what happens to them next!
Dec 31, 2020
1/2/21, 1:59 PM
the more of your stories I read the more of your craft *and* your personality shines through, and -- oh, wait, I should comment on the hot parts first hm. WELL. this was very hot... I loved the kind of lovingly detailed descriptions of the various reds and blacks, and the unexpected twists throughout the night -- it made things as simple as a drink order feel engaging and sexually tense~! anyway, your *craft...* dude this was so damn well done. you handled this with such a deft hand, and made each of the four sets of identically named characters feel so distinct. and Peter!! Peter was done *masterfully* imo, an engaging narrator despite not being involved in the specific antics of the story beyond as a waiter. really, really well done
1/2/21, 2:25 AM
I know a charming pair of underpants who ... well, actually he's quite content where he is, especially since he magically self-cleans, but he might like to learn how to talk like this!
1/2/21, 1:07 AM
Well I'm interested! Ever since the Old Guard which features a gay couple who were knights in the crusades fighting on opposite sides... the idea of an immortal dude is quite fascinating. His technique must be spectacular! And what he'd know about!