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9/17/23, 8:11 AM
Can’t wait to hear more!
9/17/23, 7:32 AM
How come I missed this installment for two whole months? Damn! But your writing is always teasing, brilliant, and the world-building ever more wondrous. Not gonna lie: it was quite uncomfortable reading this through all the frat-boy toxic masculinity filling Nate’s head. There’s obviously some growth ahead for him, so fingers crossed that he matures out of it. I’m still rooting for Talley. I hope he gets to wreck vengeance now! Again, many thanks for your gifts to us! Really looking forward to the next chapter. And I felt so proud to see your use of firebrand in this chapter ;)
9/16/23, 12:21 AM
Oh my god this is so sensual and hot
9/15/23, 4:50 PM
Really hot story - perfect bottom and just the right level of pussy/fem talk for my taste.
9/15/23, 1:31 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting this out. I got distracted with some major life events. I will be coming back to this series shortly to complete it. Thank you for your patience!
9/15/23, 3:36 AM
Cada vez mas atrevido el chico... aunq la vdd me quede con ganas de saber mas en forma que le paso al papá :P aunque parece que habra mas al respecto en el proximo cap :3
9/12/23, 10:46 PM
did you forget chapter 2 or is it a typo?

9/13/23, 4:37 AM
@[billi](/user/show/872108) Hi billi Thank you for pointing that out. It’s a typo in previously posted chapter since it consisted of a chapter one and chapter two as well.

9/13/23, 5:24 AM
@[I. Dusk](/user/show/10038753) Did you see the email I've sent you yesterday?

9/13/23, 7:30 PM
@[Martin](/user/show/125990) Yes, I got to it just now. I was extremely busy today. Thank you both billi and Martin :)
9/13/23, 1:09 AM
Years from now, there will be a Modern Library edition of "The works of Rubbrsome." This will fall into the "early works" section. :) So far, sooo very good!

9/13/23, 4:24 AM
@[nycboot](/user/show/131279) Funny, I had a similar thought!
9/8/23, 5:00 AM
I forgot to mention one aspect about this series that I haven't really repeated in my other stories. This aspect is the pack or coven. It's literally called "The Brethren" or "The Brotherhood". In my other stories, the characters become mindless drones. And in addition, all characters usually exist on a similar social hierarchy. But not in my first story. The silver figure is definitely the Master, and the other men are is progeny. Think of them like those vampire movies, cause that's kind of where I was drawing inspiration. If you're implanted with a symbiote, you don't really lose your personality. Instead, you just feel an unquestioning loyalty or allegiance to your Master. Because the symbiote was implanted by him, you become his slave. I'm pointing this out because I don't think I've repeated this group dynamic since. I'm not sure why I haven't. I'm definitely attracted to the drone / group hive mentality. But I also like that the Brethren, while they retain personality and independence, are fiercely loyal to each other and their Master. I just see it as if some kind of chemical is introduced into your body. And no matter how much you fight or try to resist, this chemical forces your mind to imprint on another person. It would be a great form of mind control. There's no visual hypnotic spiral. No subliminal audio messages. Just chemistry. Your brain is altered because another person introduced something into your body, and you suddenly belong to him. I actually find the methodology a bit more insidious. :)

9/13/23, 1:23 AM
@[rubbrsome](/user/show/13662) You must have a very different view of your stories than we, your fans. What about that story (whose title I forget) but where the protagonists are absorbed into a brotherhood - where you have this unforgettable end because you describe them as singing in the same choir. And there's another story where the man and the son get taken in....
9/11/23, 8:55 PM
Amazing! I hope this series continues.

9/11/23, 10:39 PM
@[Hypnosubboi92](/user/show/10017257) Well ... there will be one more chapter. But I like to think that The Brethren are still out there ... looking for their next recruit.

9/12/23, 8:20 PM
@[rubbrsome](/user/show/13662) Hint for a Sequel hehe? What would his best friend say to his new way of live…?