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9/22/22, 5:18 AM
Loved it!

9/23/22, 5:16 PM
@GiveInToTheMusk Thank you. I am so glad you liked it ^_^
9/21/22, 9:50 PM
I really love the sudden twist in the middle, and then the climax at the end haha. Excellent job with the main character development.

9/22/22, 2:52 PM
@drewfy Thank you Mr Were-Dog Dude. If anything (in my case) more like, excellent job on remembering this is erotica rather than an excuse to play with character development! :sweat_smile: I got lucky with this one having the char-development I needed to not hate the story, and enough sex to have it be proper erotic fiction. (A balance I admittedly don't always get right) .
9/22/22, 4:15 AM
Incredibly hot! And your first? Fantastic. I’d love to read more about Micah and Aciel. They make a nice couple.

9/22/22, 4:45 AM
@Beaner I'm so glad you liked it ^_^. Yes, this is my first published story. I did try my hand at a different story once, but my tablet crashed and lost all of the story. While I do have more plans for both characters, I don't see them reuniting soon.
9/22/22, 4:06 AM
Very hot story. Would love this to be a series where Micah visits the Demon and changes more each time

9/22/22, 4:43 AM
@An interesting concept, but that isn't quite in the cards. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you very much ^_^
9/22/22, 3:56 AM
Excellent work! Very hot!

9/22/22, 4:32 AM
Thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ^_^
9/21/22, 11:46 AM
Damn that was hot. Would have liked to get to know Michael a bit more before his transformation. Well written and I hope you continue!

9/21/22, 8:03 PM
@Mrdick Thank you for the feedback, I am considering doing more. ^_^
9/21/22, 1:02 PM
Loved this. I hope Robbie's affections can be properly returned some time. Great writing. Fun scenes and so very hot. Thank you.
9/21/22, 2:56 AM
Damn Hawt Chapter!

9/21/22, 3:01 AM
@Marik29 Thank you, glad you liked it!
9/19/22, 2:19 PM
Exelent!!!! I love this!!! I need one daddy bears!!! Please continue.... congratulation

9/20/22, 8:04 PM
@Spiralthiago glad you liked it!
9/19/22, 1:56 AM
writing is super good!